You have purchased your dream car, and now you cannot wait to flaunt it in front of your friends and on the road. But oh, no! You live in Singapore. Therefore, you have to keep a lot of things in mind before you can take the car out for a spin. First of all, car insurance is essential in Singapore. Often you don’t get a lot of choice regarding the type of insurance you get to choose and often have to bear with the most common insurer available.

However, that’s alright as long as you can afford it because car insurance Singapore works differently, and the main concern of people here is how affordable the insurance premium is. But the main problem arises, and it gets tricky when you create a claim, and you’re not able to get the specified amount at the right time.

Pay ATTENTION first-timers!

  • Every vehicle must be insured in Singapore by giving the insurance premium annually.

Major types of insurance covers are


Annual Insurance Premium 

This is basically what one person is paying per year to have the insurance cover, and it varies from company to company.

There is also a factor called RFRS ( Risk factor rating system), which is used by insurance companies to get to know how accident-prone you are based on factors like age of a person, gender, driving skills, and experience. The more likely you are to get into an accident, the more expensive your premium will be.

For every year that you’ve not associated yourself with an accident claim, you’ll get a ten to fifty percent discount (NCD) on your premium! Therefore, you don’t need to pay the maximum amount.


Insurance firms will run in losses if accidents are claimable. Various sections of conditions can be imposed if the surplus applies entirely to one’s broken vehicle or in case it conjointly applies to 3rd party damages. HLAS offers hassle-free personal loan with minimum prerequisites.

The excess is reciprocally associated with your premium. That means the more the excess, the less the premium. Despite your saving on the premiums, you may end up paying higher if you undergo an accident.

Third-Party vs. Comprehensive

This title sounds complicated; however, it’s rather straightforward. The kind of automobile insurance policy that you obtain matters because it determines what’s lined. Comprehensive Coverage policy sometimes has the best coverage, solely excluding damages created by terrorism and natural disorders. Third-Party insurance policies offer less coverage; however, they have low premiums and can sometimes solely cover the opposite parties’ prices but not one’s own.

If your automobile is eight years or older and paid, you’ll be better off switching to a 3rd Party policy. Cars below ten years old don’t have any choice but to switch sometimes.

If you own a COE automobile (that is one that is over ten years), contemplate Third Party insurance to save lots on your insurance premiums. After all, you may like better to scrap off your automobile if it has an accident, instead of repairing it.

Alternatively, check to examine if your favorite workshop is on any insurance company’s list. That way, you get the simplest of each world.


In the event, you’ve managed to kill your automobile off, or your car’s stuck at the workshop, your non-depository financial institution will offer you a variety of profit to tide you over your vehicle-less existence.

Check if the contract provides a replacement automobile throughout the days when your automobile is being repaired.

On the other hand, some insurance policies pay transportation allowance. These advantages are significant once you’re ill from a severe accident. HLAS takes care of all your loan requirements.

  • Other than all these factors women are considered to be good drivers as they are more likely to follow the safety protocols. They have to pay low premiums
  • People between the age of 30-65 are more likely to have cheap car insurance in Singapore as they are considered to be safe drivers.
  • People below that age have a high rate of insurance premium.

Authorized Vs. Any Workshop

Every insurance company can have workshops where you can choose to do your repairs. Check whether the contract solely permits you to pick from these specific lists or if you’re conjointly able to select workshops that aren’t on the list.

Some insurance firms offer you a good elective thing about reaching your most popular workshop. Not astonishingly, this flexibility typically comes with a worth. It’d be worthy of traveling with an associate non-depository financial institution that has an in-depth list of authorized workshops.