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Where should kids turn to for their music lessons?

Young children nowadays are living a fast life thanks to the wonders of our modern technology. With their mobile tablets in hand, they can learn quicker and gain more knowledge faster, thanks to these scientific breakthroughs. However, parents must not neglect the fact that the arts are very helpful when it comes to their child’s mental development. One of these arts that can be tremendously helpful is music. But maybe you as a parent don’t know where to begin when it comes to your child’s musical development. Luckily, when it comes to music lessons for kids Singapore offers a lot of variety and options. Let’s take a look at three main categories.

Traditional music schools

Singapore has quite a number of music schools scattered across the entire country for your convenience. There are music schools that specifically cater to students as young as a toddler up until around 6 years old, to those with a wide age range of 6 months to adulthood. Some of these schools offer specialized training, which can be limited to one instrument only, but at a very personalized approach. Some offer more instrument options like drums, guitar, electone, etc. Most of these schools have their own method on how to teach music to kids, but all of them have the same goal in mind.

Private lessons

If you have your own piano, guitar, or any other chosen instrument at home and you prefer your child not to learn in the confines of your own home, you can hire a private instructor to go to your home and teach your child. The benefit of this is that your child will get to learn one-on-one with the teacher, which is very personalized and might help him learn quicker. However, make sure to choose the best teacher for your child and do inspect the progress from time to time.


In the search for music lessons for kids Singapore is not the only place available. Thanks to the wonders of science and technology, one can learn a musical instrument online – be it in a private lesson via webcam, or taking one of the online courses many music schools are offering, including those in Singapore. It’s the best of both worlds of science and art – learning music thru a mobile tablet or laptop. There are also countless instructional videos available on YouTube or you can purchase any video instructional from the web, if that is more convenient.

When it comes to a musical instrument, learning the proper techniques are essential, but a lot of discipline and dedication through practice is required, in order to progress further. It is highly recommended that you, as a parent, would aid in the musical development of your child, so that his own personal development will also be aided. Thankfully, when it comes to music lessons for kids Singapore is a nation that offers a lot of schools, private teachers, and online courses. Have your child learn music as early as possible, and who knows what the future may bring?