Tips to Help You Choose Right Assisted Living Communities Shanghai

Relax, choosing the right assisted living communities Shanghai doesn’t have to be daunting. You just have to know what to look for and what questions to ask. It is important to know what kind of lifestyle you would like to have and if the community can supply your needs. Don’t be reluctant to ask. This is your life and happiness we are talking about.

Trust your first impression and look beyond the fancy decor and brocade draperies.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right assisted living communities Shanghai:

  1.  Are the staff smiling and interacting with the residents or is the place quiet like a morgue, you feel like you have to whisper and everybody is sitting around asleep in wheelchairs, being ignored.
  2.  Eat a meal there. I’m quite serious! Good food is an essential indicator of quality in other areas. Don’t just look at the menu – see the portion size and taste it. Are snacks and fresh fruit available in the dining room throughout the day? Food is a very important and sometimes the last remnant of pleasure in a seniors life.
  3.  Does the place smell of disinfectant or is the air clean and fresh and there are fresh flowers and live plants. Is there a pretty outside garden?
  4.  Do they have a piano and an afternoon social hour?
  5.  What kind of activities do they provide? Do they provide intellectual pursuits with trips to concerts and plays or is it just balloon volleyball, bingo and arts, and crafts. Is there concierge service for transportation?
  6.  Is there a library and an in-house beauty/barber shop?
  7.  Is there an internet cafe and computer classes available?
  8.  In the actual apartment – check for these items and don’t assume they will be there: Grab bars in the tub and shower; Nonslip surfaces in tub and shower; Raised toilet seats; Emergency call buttons in the bathroom, bedroom and living room.
  9.  Do the closets have double hung rods and shelves? Most assisted living apartments are quite small and will not fit a standard chest of drawers in the bedroom. Ample storage in the closet is essential and should also be reachable to a senior who may be in a walker or wheelchair. If you find the closets are not properly fitted, get them done before you move in,
  10.  If the senior needs a power chair, is there an outlet outside their door where it can be parked to recharge?

Don’t assume that these things will be there. Some are found lacking even in the fanciest and most high-end communities. Knowing what to look for and what to ask for is essential to choose the right assisted living community in Shanghai.