Greenis Blender: The Best Small and Effective Blender for your Home and Work

There is a wide variety of blenders that you can purchase and use in your kitchen or even at work for commercial purposes.The inescapable fact is that not all blenders are small in size, convenient to use in your kitchen as the Greenis the best small blender. It is the best brand in the market with greater durability compared to other blenders.Your kitchen is defined by how effective and efficient it is to work or prepare meals from. Adding Greenis Blender to your kitchen is a choice to advancing your kitchen for effective usage.A lot of ingredients used in the kitchen require blending and Greenis Blender is the best choice you have for your kitchen or work.

Product Description:

Greenis blender is a Brushless Power Blender that uses the new touchpad control system and comes in a variety of colors.The blender has Bluetooth connectivity that is linked to an app on the user’s handset with hundreds of recipes.It uses new technology application making it the most convenient kitchen tool in this new era. It is the quietest blender you will ever get in the market of blenders.It has the industrial SUS 420 blades with titanic paint instead of a brush.

The specification of Greenis Blender;

Power consumption: 1000W – 25000W.

Motor: It has a brushless DC motor.

Speed: the outlet speed is exactly 3.000 to 15.000 RPM

No of Blades: 6 unique blades. The blades are made of SUS 420 material with titanium coating.

Sound: 85 DB

Blender capacity: 2.0 litres

Cup Material: TRITAN (Free of BPA)

Product Functionality:

The Greenis Blender is brushless thus making it very quiet during its use.It has Bluetooth connectivity that when connected to your handset makes it convenient to use while dealing with more than one ingredients that should be mixed at different times.The blades of Greenis are the most powerful knives making them ideal to chop any cooking ingredient for your kitchen smoothies.The Greenis Blender is easy and simple to use by using the pre-programmed settings that are displayed on its touchpad.Thanks to the sleek design and different colours, the Brushless Power Blender is easy to integrate into your kitchen!

Reason to Buy Greenis Blender:

Buy Greenis Blender for it is “one of a kind” in the market. It does not make as much noise as blenders that use brush as it is carbonless.In addition to that, Greenis blender is not only effective in functionality and hygiene; it also has replaceable parts that make it easy to replace in case one part malfunctions. It is cheap to purchase as it costs only $990.If you are looking for the best small blender, the Greenis Blender is your best choice. Purchase the Greenis Blender and enjoy