When it comes to pest removal companies, Advanced Pest Management Singapore significantly stands out as the leading exterminator. This is occasioned by our provision of highly reliable and safe pest control services without compromising on the great levels of professionalism we pride ourselves in. Similarly, our practices encompasses of top-notch and latest methodologies boasting of the very best in pest control technology in the extermination of pests.

Additionally, we are not complacent to only deal in combating the effects but take the deliberate conscious effort in preventing new invasions. We acknowledge the role training plays in effective service delivery and that is why our service technicians are nationally recognized for their exemplary execution of their duties.

Consequently, we have resolved not to just join the list of pest removal companies by covering a broad spectrum of pest challenges faced in the day-to-day livelihood. Our broad range of services include termite control services, bed bugs removal, cockroaches eradication as well as extermination of ants, houseflies, rodents, dog ticks, cat fleas and booklice. And yes, do not worry if you are faced by our crawling or buzzing friends as we offer the removal of snakes, bees and hornets. Our concern and care for your house has pushed us to rigorously and ruthlessly invade the termites’ extermination field to safeguard your hard earned investment from the shame and destruction associated with the termites.

Distinctively, we disassociate ourselves from any other pest removal companies by utilizing our unmatched treatment options using the Termatrac T3i and baiting systems. Essentially, the Termatrac T3i is the latest and most effective solution in termite technology using the 3-in-1 functionality to detect and destroy even the slightest of termite infestation. The increasingly rampant bedbug menace meets us ready with our aggressive treatment program which includes thorough inspection of key breeding areas followed by residual spraying.