As Android users, it seems that we are never stop questing for better battery life. There are plenty of easy tips you can do to save more power from your Android phone. Maybe some of them are useful, but most of them is useless, far from ideal, little effect such as “turn this off, and use your phone less”. And if there are too many Android Apps installed on your phone, How to choose the best battery saver app for you android?the life of your battery runs fast and quickly, too. Same time your phone will slow down and performance reduction, offer you a bad user experience. What’s more, if your battery continues battery runs quicken, you have to bring your power bank or where you can charge, more inconvenient, right?

Here are a few small ways to save the battery life.

>Turn off your Android phones some intensive services like GPS, Location service, WIFI.

>Reduce the screen brightness, the back light.

>Turn off the apps you don’t need to use and delete the apps you never use of use less from time to time

>Uploading your Android phones apps, enjoy more powerful apps and save more storage

Luckily, some battery saving apps can help you to do it and improve to a great extent. Let’s see of the best battery saving apps for Android in 2016. Don’t hesitate, let’s dive right now! This app is Purify, is a free App to optimize your Android phones. It will kill those battery consuming apps in the background and prevent it auto-start. And the notification box can contribute to the achievement of the messy unwanted messages from different Apps. And furthermore, with Root access, your phone can function more smoothly, you can obtain Root by KingRoot.

Now introduce the abundant functions.

>Save battery power: Purify helps to extend the standby time and save your battery power

>Speed up your Android phones or devices: Purify through controlling and killing apps that running in the background, help your device to run faster.

>Archive notifications: Purify helps to achieve notifications from all apps in one and classify them for easier reading.

>Bloatware remover: Purify can remove the annoyed bloatware in root environment, utilize your device space and quicken the device.

There are just so many different causes that can lead to battery life. It’s impossible to say which solution will work best for you. Some of the one maybe have some effect on your phone, and they won’t annoy your user experience, either. And if have got any favourite root-based battery apps or tips, we would like to hear them. Tell us your founding any time.